Learn About Administrative Affairs Management Applied Field of Study

 Parts of duties and responsibilities for this field:

- Programing and organizing for improvement and facilitating administrative affairs and supervision on and control of the operation of affiliated units and guiding them, attempt for solving existence problems and progressing of current activities.

- Execution of administrative laws and regulation of employment and provision of necessary personnel.

- Producing improvement ideas in the Administrative field to the related units and effective cooperation of authorities.

- Attempt for administrative development and effective execution regarding honor of clients.

- Implying modern methods of information technics particularly using administrative automatic system.

- Evaluating personnel and assignment and contemplation of their vigor and fault points.

- Providing and supplying time schedules of personnel and supervision on its well operation.

- Providing and compiling educational regulations of personnel and programing for training them.

This management includes the following units:

- Office of Human Resources

- Office of Central Secretariat

- Office of Public Affairs

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