Learn About Business Management Applied Field of Study

Students graduate from the degree programme in Business Management with a comprehensive mastery of business competence; they are able to acquire special competence effectively which allows them to develop along with the changes experienced in digitized working life.

The studies include an extensive selection of business studies from which the students can compile their Personal Learning Plans. Another option is to apply for professional specialisation options.

the learning path focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and students establish a cooperative together with the other students and operate intensively in the cooperative in order to reach the goals they agreed upon together.

The students specialize in managerial work, leadership and finance and accounting studies (business expert). The students can complete the whole degree as online studies or blended learning, which includes face-to-face learning and online studies.

After completing the degree, business students can act successfully and profitably in the field with a customer-oriented approach. They know how to carry out marketing and are familiar with the typical practices in the field. In addition, the graduates have the skills for collecting materials and publishing reports for the continuous development of the operations. A list of the qualifications:

- profitability competence

- customer relationship and marketing competence

- industrial competence (such as competence in the finance sector, economic competence, legal competence, retail, sports business, acting as an entrepreneur...)

- business administration methods competence.

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