How To File for Graduation

Dear student, let us congratulate and wish you success for the rest of your life. Read the following and take action in order to file for graduation and apply for temporary certificate.

1- Receive a tracking code from the graduates’ system of UAST.

2- Download the financial clearance form.

3- Refer to the finance dept. and check your financial clearance.

4- Submit your student identity card to the department of safety and security.

5- Refer to the secretariat in order to check your file and complete it in case of any fault.

6- Take the required documents from the registrar and scan them. Then, deliver a CD containing the scanned documents to the registrar.

7- Wait till we send your documents to the provincial unit and issue your temporary certificate. (At least 2 months)

8- Visit the provincial unit to check the issuance of your certificate. (Avoid visiting or calling us)

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